GEAR REVIEW: Roger Mayer Concorde + Treble Booster

Ok, you’ve got your fuzz, your overdrive, your distortion and your clean boost. That’s all, right? Wrongo. The treble booster is an almost-forgotten member of the distortion family, and without it we wouldn’t have such classic tones as Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid,’ pretty much all of Led Zeppelin 1, and everything Brian May’s ever done. So what’s a treble booster and why is it different to just turning up the treble knob on the amp? Well not quite a fuzz, not quite an EQ, treble boosters were typically based on very simple circuits and they promoted the idea of boosting the strength of the signal to the amp while tailoring its tone curve to attain maximum tonal goodness.

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Ry Cooder’s Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down



There’s you, the citizen, running in circles like a headless chicken. And there they are, there they all are, herding you faster and faster through the circle maze of lies and distraction. Who can you believe, who will throw out the life line?

You need simple tools, and that’s what these songs are all about. Learn how John Lee Hooker will fix the supreme court if elected. Learn a stirring new war-without-end Christmas sing along. Study the report on the new-time Jim Crow heaven bill #1070. What does the outlaw Jesse James have in mind for Goldman Sachs? Why does God hate television? And there’s more…

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The most evil musical intervals ever

Here’s my latest for a lesson on the most evil musical intervals ever.

A snippet:

Today we’re going to look at some of the most evil musical intervals known to man – some of the most dastardly, unsettling, creepy, ghoulish musical notes ever. Notes so dark, so twisted, so evilthat they lay awake at night formulating new taxes, new places to hide your guitar picks when you need them and new ways to make you late for work. Notes so malevolent that Ozzy himself can but cower and tremble in their ghastly presence.

I’m talking about the minor second, the minor third and the flattened fifth.

Scared yet?

No? Well, you will be. Crank up your amp and lay into Figure 1 at around 50 beats per minute.

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SUMMER NAMM 2011: Taylor To Help Players Find Their Fit at Interactive, In-Store Events


Taylor To Help Players Find Their Fit at Interactive, In-Store Events

NASHVILLE – July 21, 2011 – This summer, Taylor Guitars is inviting players to a one-on-one guitar consultation to discover the Taylor guitar that fits their playing profile at a series of Find Your Fit sales events. From late July through the month of August, the Find Your Fit event will make stops at 65 authorized Taylor dealers across the nation. At each store, Taylor’s team of factory experts will offer players personal insights to help them better understand how guitar body shapes and woods interact with one’s playing style to affect tone. The end goal is to help each player identify the pairing of shapes and woods that best complements their playing profile to give them the tones they crave. Both new and existing players will benefit from the advice and knowledge of the factory staff, all while enjoying access to many different guitars from the Taylor line. Factory staff will also help players dial in their amplified acoustic tone using Taylor’s on-board Expression System®, an award-winning pickup which faithfully reproduces a Taylor’s natural acoustic voice.

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COOL GEAR ALERT: Eagle Mountain hemp guitar straps


New hemp guitar straps for friends of the earth by Eagle Mountain

Leading US-based strap maker Eagle Mountain has one eye on eco-minded guitarists with its newly released collection of hemp guitar straps. Soft and durable, hemp is an environmentally-friendly material to produce and use, so this is the ideal accessory for players who want to do their bit for nature.

Retailing at £11.99 each, and available in four striking colours – Chocolate, Blueberry, Liquorice and Raspberry – the straps are a striking aesthetic nod to one of the most iconic fashion designs of all time, featuring contrasting double white stitching details and white leather end pieces.

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SUMMER NAMM 2011: RapcoHorizon i-JAM 3-n-1 Smart Phone Interface


Company’s Latest Product to Interface with the iPhone will be Shown at Summer NAMM 2011

NASHVILLE, JULY 21, 2011 ― The RapcoHorizon Company a leading manufacturer of audio/video interfacing and cable equipment, is exhibiting the i-JAM 3-n-1 Smart Phone Interface at Summer NAMM 2011 (Booth 411). The i-JAM 3-n-1 is a three-in-one smart phone solution, ideal for every electric instrument player. In addition to its ability to interface with iPhone apps, such as recording and instructional play software, the i-JAM 3-n-1 also features a built-in amplifier and MP3 play along practice device.

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SUMMER NAMM 2011: Boss Micro BR BR-80 Digital Recorder


A Jam-Along Device and Pro Eight-Track Studio That Fits in Your Pocket

Los Angeles, CA, July 21, 2011 — BOSS is now shipping the MICRO BR BR-80 Digital Recorder, an updated and improved version of its popular MICRO BR multitrack recorder. The first MICRO BR, launched in 2006, was a big hit among musicians, offering pro-quality multitracking in a handheld device only slightly larger than an iPod™. With an eight-track upgrade, the latest BOSS guitar and vocal effects, built-in rhythms, onboard stereo mics, fun jamming and practice features directly inherited from BOSS’ eBand® JS-8, and a Live Record mode that instantly turns the BR-80 into a stereo handheld field recorder, the BR-80 is sure to become an indispensable companion for guitarists, songwriters, and musicians everywhere.

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