REVIEW: Randall NB King 100 Nuno Bettencourt signature amp

Nuno Bettencourt has always had an ear for punchy, listenable distortion tones. Check out his sound on the Dramagods album Love, or Extreme’s latest, Saudades De Rock, for great examples. Nuno’s standard combination of bare-wood guitars and high output pickups means his amps need to be able to handle the kind of ultra-fine tonal detail that such features demand. and after years of collaboration, Nuno and Randall have introduced the NB King 100.

The NB King 100’s styling is unmistakable: it simply looks unlike any other amp in the world. For starters, all of the controls are over on the right hand side (the left features a badge of the logo for Nuno’s post-Extreme band Mourning Widows – and dude, you really have to check out their two albums), and the control panel is dominated by a seriously oversized volume knob and a VU meter. The design scheme is mirrored on the matching speaker cabinet. The matching NB412 speaker cabinet includes four 12″ Celestion Greenback 30s and is made from 3/4″ void-free birch plywood. It’s also freaking heavy.

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EVH’s new pedalboard

Earlier today Fujigen Guitars paid a visit to amp wizard Dave Friedman and guitarist Steve Stevens. Friedman is pretty well-known for his association with Eddie Van Halen, and Fujigen Guitars posted the following on their Twitter:

I found some EVH’s rack gears for Van Halen’s next world tour(?) at North Hollywood.

Nice! Note the EVH-branded loop switcher in front, made in the same style as the EVH 5150III’s footswitch. I wonder if this is a one-off unit made for Eddie, or if a loop switcher will eventually be released under the EVH brand. It’s also nice to see that obviously well-used Jim Dunlop EVH Crybaby on the board.

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