Altiyan Childs ruins Richie Kotzen’s look for the rest of us

Thanks a lot asshole.

Richie Kotzen is one of the coolest rock stars in the world. Altiyan Childs is not. Altiyan Childs is not allowed to steal Richie Kotzen’s look, nor to ruin it for the rest of us who want to steal it.

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  1. Wow is all I can say to Altiyan Childs. He had this look years ago when he was with masonia, still has it and still has the talent to go with it. He is not one bit egotistical and what you see is what you get. Genuinely great guy and should be getting more support from the australian music industry.

  2. OMG – how can anyone steal someone’s look?????? Seriously!!!!! Long hair and some growth is the typical rocker look anyway and most people who like rock….usually look and dress that way since the days of high school!!!!! It’s a compliment to rock. So does that mean Richie (no offence dude cause I respect all rockers) but did he steal the look from other rockers????? OMG. P.S. Altiyan Child Rocks! Amazing song writer & performer!

  3. I guess peter is just a plain rude person by nature? Posting such rubbish and abuse shows a total lack of maturity. Richie is Richie and Altiyan is Altiyan. Surprising that you have to be told that! Altiyan has not changed his looks to look like anyone else. He is perfect the way he is. Altiyan is unquie and if you knew him and had spoken to him you would never compare him to anyone else.
    Sad that some people have to be rude, but I guess thats their problem. Thankfully the majority of people aren’t like that!

  4. @ Ben – Altiyan isn’t from Idol. I think Altiyan is older than those you claim he is copying. Have you seen Altiyan play the guitar – or hear him sing live?????? And…. we all have different tastes and I won’t put the people you like down just for the sake of it. What has Altiyan done to you?

  5. From what I can see this guy is just wearing a slogan t-shirt. Altiyan has more style than that!

  6. Well .. Altiyan Childs has always had his own look.. what are you guys talking about.. get your facts straight.. This guys is wearing a t shirt .. lots of pictures of Altiyan is that he can be pretty classy with what he wears..

  7. .. just cause you might be wearing black you are copying someone else.. I don’t think so. Altiyan has always had his own look. He has appeared in shows and Australia Day wearing suits and pretty classy stufff. He has his own style and am not really too sure what you are talking about .. ??

  8. Hi folks. The post is a joke and is supposed to be taken with a heavy dose of irony- after all, I too am a rock guy with long hair, a beard and a Telecaster guitar, so I could just has easily have said the same thing about myself. Just a joke.

    While I have your attention though, you should all check out Richie Kotzen’s music. I think you’ll really dig it.

  9. Well ok Peter, if you say so :). But why choose Altiyan as your “joke” and what is with the thanks a lot asshole!!! We get a bit tired of this garbage, day in day out etc. etc.

    Be cool if a link was put up of when Altiyan was in masonia!!

    Aside from that, I will check out the link you posted for Richie. Have a great day.

  10. Never heard of this Altiyan dude before… Pretty sure I don’t want to hear more! Thanks for this hilarious short rant Peter…

  11. Altiyan is a has been rockstar…that steals covers and obviously peoples looks….waste of television time that Xfactor…hopefully they will pick someone more deserving next time

  12. Now you have done it Peter, the Altiyan Cult are after you ! (see Alistair, Judy and Irena) Watch what you say, they go to the ends of the earth to cut you down if you have “another” opinion ! Happy Days, Love Gypsy Child ( Thank God my parents didnt have the S on the end of our surname !! )

  13. I’m with Judy on this one Peter. We are tired of the garbage & sick of the prudes putting him down. Altiyan won xfactor & he was better than everyone by miles. He turned xfactor into a rock concert. He was world class way before he even appeared on the show. His Masonia songs are truely awesome & so freakin’ addictive. And his personality & respect to his fans – truely genuine & hugely appreciated. As I said before, I respect all rockers – & have listened to some of Ritchie’s links. He’s pretty good – particularly in Losing my Mind, Chase it, Remember & Stand. His version of Behind Blue eyes is pretty good too. Hmmm, even when I saw his name & pic though – he looks & sounds awfully familiar. Has he been around for a while? In a previous band?

  14. Okay, there’s an important distinction to make here: I did not set out to ‘get Altiyan Childs’ because other people bag him out or whatever. He’s just not in my corner of the music scene. I didn’t watch X Factor because it’s just not what I’m into. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it, just means my attention is elsewhere. This post is a joke about that particular look, and it could have been about anyone who has that look (and there are lots out there). It just happened that I saw that poster in a cafe and out of the corner of my eye I thought it was Richie Kotzen. My readers know who Richie Kotzen is but since many of them are in the USA, they wouldn’t know who Altiyan is, hence the distinction in calling Richie a rock star, etc. In seeing these comments I see that maybe Altiyan has a lot of haters for some reason, but that didn’t factor into my post. I just thought the poster I saw in a cafe looked like Richie Kotzen and I had a chuckle over it and decided to put it on my guitar blog.

    As for Kotzen, he’s been on the music scene since about 1989 when he was a teenage guitar prodigy. He was a member of the band Poison when they tried to ‘serious-up’ their image in the early 90s, and he has released a lot of respected vocal and instrumental albums, including with the jazz-fusion band Vertu, and the hard rock band Forty Deuce. Here’s another cool thing he did that I think you might really dig: the soul band Wilson Hawk.

    Like I said, if you want to post your favourite Altiyan videos/links here for everyone else to see, please do.

  15. Hey, Peter, it’s cool. I understand. Altiyan’s got just under 50,0000 facebook fans plus…but Australia’s media likes to juice up their stories with lies, are prudish & quick to judge.Therefore excuse us fans for being so defensive & passionate about this amazing world class artist/rocker. Altiyan matches up to all the amazing rockers of the 80’s & 90’s except that he is newer & unique. I am 37 & he ignited my passion for rock again when he performed on xfactor & won in Nov 2010. I had been disappointed with the majority of today’s music industry for failing to support our rockers.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention – I knew it! I grew up & LOVED 80’s & 90’s rock music. And I was a fan of Poison too. I knew I had seen and heard of Ritchie Kotzen somewhere. Glad that he is still rocking. Australia has been so slack in supporting our rockers so I lost track of so many bands. Thank god for the net, ah?

  16. Ok Peter….I have checked out Ritchie Kotzen for you. Please check out Altiyan for me.
    Here are 4 links of Altiyan Childs songs from his former band – Masonia;
    1. Beautiful Slave
    2. Is this the Life
    3. 3168
    4. Dream

    The next 3 links are from his performances in Xfactor Australia 2010 when he won!
    1. Livin on a Prayer
    2. Beautiful Day
    3. Sex on Fire

    So what do you think?

  17. Thanks Peter for clarification, and much appreciated. Altiyan may have a few haters (and they are a few) but he also has thousands and thousands of fans. I can however see the humour in where you are coming from. We just get sick of the crap that seems to come his way etc. etc. but enough on that.
    I agree with you about Richie Kotzen, fantastic musician and I will definately go to the link you have posted, Wilson Hawk.
    Thanks again.

  18. You must be very careful what you say about our Altiyan, Peter…Haven’t you heard, we’re a bunch of over 50’s women, with nothing better to do than sit on the computer all day posting and redoing his photo’s, over and over again, and guess what we love it…hahahahahaha, No that not funny you say, lighten up everyone, have a laugh once in a while, it’s good for the soul…If I could I would, post a video for all to see, but, I don’t know how. (CAN’T TEACH AN OLD BLAH..BLAH, you know how it goes)…I think Altiyan is great. These two rockers together, now that would be nice to see…see ya…<3

  19. Hi Peter,
    i am from India. i discovered your blog recently and am going through all of it as i think this is one of the way better blogs out there. But i was really disappointed by this post. Even if you meant it as a joke, you fail to realise the difference between us on this side who write and talk about music and those on the hallowed other side, those who just play. I think both Ritchie and Altiyan don’t even have the time and mindset to indulge in what we are doing here, their work speak for them-self.
    There are 2 kinds of people, those who talk and those who play.
    It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.
    but no offence to you. to err is human, we are all mortals and not immortal rock stars.

  20. so what’s wrong with that Childs guy? How the fuck does he looks the same as Kotzen? Stupid useless post written by a faggot with nothing to do.

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