Matt Heafy takes you through the new Trivium album

Check out this cool article at alt where Matt Heafy of Trivium talks about each track on the band’s killer new album, In Waves.

And check back tomorrow for my interview with Heafy and co-guitarist Corey Beaulieu. A snippet from Corey:

“We just thought after playing some of those songs on the tour cycle for that record, some of the stuff was so involved on guitar that it was hard to have fun during the show because we were concentrating so much on what we were playing. We just wanted to write stuff that was fun so the songs were more straight to the point and easier to get into, and not be this crazy, technical guitar album. We just didn’t feel like playing those long, elaborate songs. We wanted really energetic, fun songs that people could get a hold of and get into really easily.”

REVIEW: Gibson SG Special 60s Tribute

The SG Special, a Gibson SG loaded with P-90 pickups, has at one time or another been the axe of choice for iconic players like Peter Townshend, Carlos Santana and even Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi. The SG is traditionally a somewhat trebly guitar, and P-90s emphasise this even further to create a sound that’s unlike anything else on the Gibson roster. The SG Special ’60s Tribute honours those old models in a much less costly manner, finding a low-cost solution to the pricey and time-consuming finishing process.

The Gibson SG Special ’60s Tribute is a limited-run instrument available in Worn Cherry, Worn Natural, Worn White or Worn Ebony. I reviewed the Worn Ebony model. It features a solid mahogany body with a set (ie: glued), quarter-sawn mahogany neck featuring unbound rosewood fretboard with simple, understated dot position markers. The neck shape is Gibson’s SlimTaper profile, which is .800″ thick at the first fret and .875″ at the 12th. It’s not really the slimmest neck you’ll ever come across but it’s certainly thinner than Gibson’s 50s profile. All the expected – nay, demanded – SG curves are here

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My interview with Forbidden’s Craig Locicero

Y’know who’s awesome? Bay Area thrash pioneers Forbidden. I recently had a chat with guitarist Craig Locicero (on my birthday actually, thus making it the most thrashtastic birthday ever) and you can check it out over at Guitar World.

The band is working on an official video that will be out very soon, but in the meantime, here’s “Omega Wave,” the title track from their latest album.