COOL GEAR ALERT: Catalinbread Naga Viper Treble Booster

The humble treble booster has got to be one of the most criminally underrated guitar effects ever. Oh, it was appreciated back in its heyday (the late 60s and early 70s), but since then it’s been relegated to a secret weapon (at best) and a disused curiosity (at worst). Catalinbread is doing their part to change this with the Naga Viper, which adds a few unique twists and turns to the established treble booster format.


Catalinbread Introduces the Naga Viper Treble Booster.

Dateline: August 18th, 2011 Portland, OR

The Naga Viper is a booster in the grand old tradition of the Dallas Rangemaster “Treble-Booster”. The Rangemaster has been used by many influential British guitarists including Tony Iommi, Brian May, Marc Bolan, and KK Downing and Glen Tipton of Judas Priest. These guitarists, while completely unique in their styles, share the Rangemaster secret of boosting their cranked tube amps into a juicy, harmonic-laden rock tone that always cuts through the mix.

The Naga Viper is our version of this famous circuit and it enhances the classic circuit with the addition of two extra controls – Range and Heat. The original Rangemaster had just one control – Boost. The Range knob is a continuous control allows you to go from classic treble-boost to a full-range boost and anywhere in-between. The original could only function as a “treble-booster”. The Heat knob gives you control over the gain level, unlike the original which was fixed at maximum gain.

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