Hey! What? Vinnie Vincent stole my photo!

Exhibit A: Above – My photo from NAMM this year (See the post here).

Exhibit B: Rotating images at the website for Vinnie’s guitar, fromĀ http://www.vinnievincentmodelguitar.com/

Exact same pic! All the reflections and shadows are identical. Vinnie, dude, if you wanted to use the pic I coulda given you the hi rez version! How about at least a credit or a link, huh? Professional journalist here with family to feed!

COOL GEAR ALERT: Charvel Desolation series

Charvel is really putting a lot of muscle behind its new Desolation series. Check out the range here: nice range of price points, active pickups (including EMGs on many models), compound radius fretboard on most models, some cool colour options and great choice of body shapes: single cutaway, double cutaway and… holy crap, is that the Surfcaster? It is!!! The criminally overlooked Charvel Surfcaster shape has been resurrected in the form of the Desolation Skatecaster. Check it out!

Really gotta hand it to Charvel for bringing back this shape. It’s way too cool! Charvel, if you’re reading this, how about a model similar to the old black/pearl/binding/lipstick-pickups version, but with a Floyd Rose and covered humbuckers?

Here are the other shapes. Really digging the double cutaway model too.

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Charvel Desolation Skatecaster 1 Electric Guitar Trans Black

Charvel Desolation Double Cutaway 1 Electric Guitar Trans Blue Smear
Charvel Desolation Single Cutaway 1 with Floyd Rose Electric Guitar Trans Black[/geo-out]