Here’s one for the Tom Waits fans.

Okay, so let’s follow this one with a little story. When I was 16, I did work experience at a store called London Music. My job involved helping to restore old pianos – mainly removing the felty things and gluing on new ones. I liked it. It was only a weeks’ worth of work but at the end of it they offered me a job. Didn’t take it – finishing school seemed pretty important (and indeed it was: the next year I discovered my ability to write and I doubt I’d have become a journalist if I took the piano job). Anyway, the dude who ran the store, Simon Mills, was super-cool. He would play Stevie Ray & Jimmie Vaughans’ Family Style and Tom Waits’ Swordfishtrombones in the store while we were working. I learned a lot about music during that week that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise, since my head was pretty much permanently buried within Steve Vai and Megadeth CDs at that point. So whenever I hear Tom Waits I think back to that time and get all nostalgic n’junk.