Join Vinnie Vincent’s forum for only $500 per year

So, y’know Vinnie Vincent? The dude who played in KISS, was kicked out of KISS, formed Vinnie Vincent Invasion (which kinda fizzled away while his backing band became Slaughter who got rather famous), wrote some more songs with KISS (including the awesome “Unholy”), then aside from a series of KISS fan convention appearances, a recent high-profile incident allegedly involving some dogs in Tupperware containers or something, and a super-expensive guitar line launched at NAMM, hasn’t really done too much in the public eye? The guy who charged fans to preorder an exclusive box set over a decade ago and still hasn’t delivered it? Yeah, that guy.

Well he’s just updated his YouTube channel with the following message:

**8/15/11 update!
Shooting for a premier date of August 25, 2011 for the OFFICIAL VINNIE VINCENT WEBSITE. Stay tuned here for details. Vinnie Vincent

Annual Membership fees for the OFFICIAL VINNIE VINCENT FORUM will be set at $500.00. Details will follow shortly.



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