Musicians’ worst gigs

Check out this rather entertaining piece in The Guardian about famous musicians’ worst gigs. What was your worst gig? I think most of mine have been pretty much okay, except for the time we were supporting The Screaming Jets (whose crew treated all the support bands like royalty, I might add). I went for a 2-whole-step bend and yanked the bridge saddle half way out of my Floyd Rose. Luckily I had a backup axe, but you don’t realise how much ya use your B string until it’s gone.

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Oh and I like Andy Summers’ entry from the article:

“It was an earlyish Police gig, in a smallish theatre, maybe about a thousand people. We were playing our set when suddenly the doors burst open and about 30 skinheads walk in, fully clad, in leather and bovver boots. And we were like: “Fuck.” They walked down to the front and started pogoing and moshing and screaming “Sieg Heil!” – it was really fucking intense. No one knew where it was going to go. And I have to hand it to Sting, because he invited them all to come up on stage. So they were pogoing all over the place, and it was just ridiculous, us trying to keep playing throughout. Sting got them all singing along. Then he told them to fuck off. And eventually they did. A week later, our very tough London promoter went down to Oxford with a bunch of guys, found them, and divine retribution was delivered.”