Wow, this sounds pretty good. Dunlop, Egnater and G&L – that’d be a hell of a rig!


Dunlop Strings has teamed up with Egnater Amplification and G&L Guitars to bring you a sweet giveaway featuring a ton of Dunlop Strings and an Egnater/G&L rig ($3,508.99 value).

One lucky winner will receive:

1-year supply (52 sets) of Dunlop Strings and $1,000 shopping spree on ($1,500 value)
Egnater Tweaker-40 112 Combo Amplifier all-tube combo amplifier ($1149.99 value)
G&L Tribute Rampage Jerry Cantrell Signature Guitar ($859.00 value)
Twelve runners up will receive a 6-pack of Dunlop Strings and a Dunlop Strings cap.

To enter, visit While you’re there, check out our new video, Dunlop Strings: Inside a Modern String Company, where we go in-depth on the conception and production of Dunlop Strings.

Dunlop provides musicians with the best tools to help them realize their artistic potential. Enter Dunlop Strings:

· Superior definition provides crisp highs, aggressive mids, and focused lows

· Dynamic response captures the energy of your attack

· Smooth surface lets your fingers glide across the strings

· Incredible string-to-string balance ensures even performance

No matter your genre or style, playing Dunlop will change the way you feel about strings.

Tear into your potential.