My interview with Motley Crue’s Mick Mars

Check out my interview with Motley Crue’s Mick Mars for The Brag. Here’s a snippet.

Lee made headlines recently with a statement that the day of the album is over. Mars agrees, to a point, and is considering how exactly to release his own solo material when it’s ready. He’s pondering single releases or an EP, “to give people a taste of what it’d be,” he explains. “Then if people want to dig deeper you could do an album of ten songs – it depends on what they say about the singles. If they say ‘this song didn’t do so well’, then rewrite it a different way, put it out and see what happens! Then you put out the greatest singles of the week!” he laughs. “I mean, when I was young, you had LPs – y’know, the vinyl stuff – and it’s kind of bubbling back a little bit, a little trickle of it. But I’d go out and buy a Cream album, like Disraeli Gears or something like that, take the album cover – and it was that glow-under-the-blacklight stuff – and I would just sit and look at it for hours, turn it around, find different stuff, find hidden little things. That’s what records were, and they’re not like that any more.”

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THE TAYLOR PROJECT: Production begins!

I got some great news yesterday: production of my Taylor SolidBody has begun! I can’t wait to see the pics as it takes shape.

If you’re just joining us, Taylor is building a SolidBody based on specs I selected rom the SolidBody Configurator, which you can see here. The design I ultimately selected is a SolidBody Standard with a mahogany body and inset maple top, three mini humbuckers on a swappable pickguard, and Taylor’s tremolo bridge. The finish is Doheny Green and the pickguard is black.

You can follow the progress of the guitar here.

How I use Guitar Pro

I’ve had a few people ask me how I create the tabs that you see in my lessons, like my monthly instructional column Unleash Your Inner Rock God in Mixdown, or the occasional lessons I do for or stuff like this for Guitar World. The answer is simply: Guitar Pro 6 by Arobas. But I use it for more than that, and since it’s such a useful program I thought I’d tell you a bit about it. Plus I’m a huge gear nerd and I just like talking about stuff like this. A lot of people use Guitar Pro to display tablature to learn, and there are plenty of unofficial, fan-created tabs out there that can be very handy when they’re made by someone who really knows what they’re doing, but believe it or not, that’s not how I use it.

First of all, I use Guitar Pro to create the tabs for my lesson columns, and it’s really handy to be able to play the scales/chords/riffs/melodies back to make sure I’ve transcribed them correctly. Occasionally like in this article about 7-string guitars, I also use Guitar Pro to make chord boxes. This is super-handy because sometimes it’s just easier to conceptualise a chord if you see it this way rather than as a bunch of numbers.

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New Agent Cooper single!

Check out the latest release by Agent Cooper, featuring the ultra cool Mike Martin and Sean Delson!


Agent Cooper release new song as free download, announce Atlanta show with The Dreaded Marco.

September 7, 2011 Atlanta, GA – Agent Cooper have released the first song from their upcoming EP as a free download through ReverbNation.

The debut performance of this new music will be on October 1st, 2011 at The Peachtree Tavern as support for Atlanta band The Dreaded Marco’s CD release party (featuring Dixie Duncan on guitar and Mike Froedge of Black Label Society on drums). Six Shot Revival will also be performing. Doors open at 9:00pm.

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COOL GEAR ALERT: KMI 12-Step chromatic keyboard foot controller

Now this is cool. Always wanted to mess around with bass pedals/midi triggers but were put off by the price and sheer gadgetry? Well check out the 12-Step  chromatic keyboard foot controller from Keith McMillen Instruments. Not only is it pretty wallet-friendly, it’s also USB, and you can even use it with your iOS devices. I’d just love to get one of these, hook it up to my iPad and add some atmospherics to my band’s live sound, or hold down the low end while Rohan goes for a mega bass solo.

KMI announces 12 Step, Chromatic Keyboard Foot Controller
Polyphonic, Expressive, Rugged, Portable and ….. Affordable

September 8, 2011 (Berkeley, CA). Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) today announced 12 Step, the first lightweight and portable Chromatic Keyboard Foot Controller for musicians at the extraordinarily low price point of $289.

With 12 Step, keyboardists, guitar players, bassists, instrumentalists and vocalists can accompany themselves with their feet, playing bass lines, notes and chords. 12 Step opens up a new dimension in performance by giving your feet unprecedented expressive control using polyphonic aftertouch and pitch bend. Upon the heels of the success of SoftStep, KMI’s versatile USB Foot Controller, 12 Step is another leap forward for performing musicians.

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Gary Moore Live At Montreux 2010

Oh wow! Gary Moore live album/DVD with performances of three unreleased songs Moore was working on in his last days. It’s your guitaristic duty to add this to your collection.





Eagle Rock Entertainment will release, on September 20, the very last live performance in the life of acclaimed guitarist/singer/songwriter Gary Moore. Live At Montreux 2010 strikingly shows a major return-to-rock for the musician who spent years exploring the blues. In fact, in the last days of his life, Moore, who died on February 6 of this year, was working on a new rock album.

What makes this release so compelling is the inclusion of three never-before-released gems, “Days Of Heroes,” “Where Are You Now” and “Oh Wild One,” that he previewed for the Montreux audience and had fully intended to put on the album he was writing and recording at the time. The rest of the set is heavy on the 1980s rock he pioneered solo, as well as his late 60s/70s work with Phil Lynott in Thin Lizzy and Skid Row. And, of course, some blues.

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Live at Montreux 2010 [Blu-ray]
Live at Montreux 2010 [DVD] 
Live at Montreux 2010 [CD]

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