REVIEW: Ampeg Micro-VR

The Ampeg SVT is the undisputed king of rock bass amplification. Seriously. It’s formed the backbone of rock for decades, and it’s so cool that even Paul Gilbert – a guitar hero – wrote a song about the glories of plugging a bass into a mighty SVT and rocking the fuck out. Now, Ampeg’s Micro VR doesn’t actually claim to be an SVT, but it certainly borrows from that classic mega-amp’s styling, helped in large part by its little partner, the SVT210AV speaker cabinet. It basically looks like a mini SVT for an elf.
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Faith No More to play King For A Day for a night

Y’know the Faith No More gig in Santiago, Chile on November 14? Today the band has revealed two big pieces of news.

1) They’ll be playing the King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime album in its entirety

2) Trey Spruance will play guitar for the gig!

This is huge news! Spruance, genius from Mr. Bungle, Faxed Head and Secret Chiefs 3, played on the King For A Day album but didn’t play on the tour (Dean Menta was the band’s live guitarist during this era, before they hired Jon Hudson for Album Of The Year). King For A Day was a pretty damn influential album for me back in the day and I still give it a spin for a solid three weeks or so every year. If you’re not familiar with it, here are some clips. It’s a much darker, more aggressive, heavy and melodic album compared to the stuff they were better known for from The Real Thing and Angel Dust.

COOL GEAR ALERT: Ibanez FRM100-TR Paul Gilbert Fireman

Paul Gilbert’s Ibanez Fireman signature model is freaking gorgeous, but the version(s) released a few years ago were also freaking expensive. Ibanez and Pablo Gilberto to the rescue! The FRM100-TR is a much more affordable alternative and it features Paul’s new DiMarzio Injector pickups (along with an Area ’67 in the middle position), which I reviewed a little while ago.

The guitar is made in China, and if you’ve played Ibanez’s stellar Artcore range you’d know that they make some great stuff in China, with especially impressive fretwork. As a Paul Gilbert fan and simply as a guitar geek I would love to get my hands on one of these for a test-drive – hell, I want one to keep now and I’ve never even played one!

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