My interview with Motley Crue’s Mick Mars

Check out my interview with Motley Crue’s Mick Mars for The Brag. Here’s a snippet.

Lee made headlines recently with a statement that the day of the album is over. Mars agrees, to a point, and is considering how exactly to release his own solo material when it’s ready. He’s pondering single releases or an EP, “to give people a taste of what it’d be,” he explains. “Then if people want to dig deeper you could do an album of ten songs – it depends on what they say about the singles. If they say ‘this song didn’t do so well’, then rewrite it a different way, put it out and see what happens! Then you put out the greatest singles of the week!” he laughs. “I mean, when I was young, you had LPs – y’know, the vinyl stuff – and it’s kind of bubbling back a little bit, a little trickle of it. But I’d go out and buy a Cream album, like Disraeli Gears or something like that, take the album cover – and it was that glow-under-the-blacklight stuff – and I would just sit and look at it for hours, turn it around, find different stuff, find hidden little things. That’s what records were, and they’re not like that any more.”

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