My old Epiphone Firebird! How I miss thee

Wow, I just unearthed a photo of my old Epiphone Firebird, which I got in 2002. That was a great guitar but I quite stupidly traded it for something else in 2004. To this day I don’t understand why I did that. Hurrumph. It was a killler guitar, with Seymour Duncan mini humbuckers that sounded amazing. It was missing the switch tip when I bought it and I never did get around to replacing it. It sounded amazing – real Govt Mule tone – and the only problem I really had with it was that it was a very different playing experience to the Ibanez RGs I was used to. I occasionally used to kind of grate my index finger on the strings when I was picking. But instead of adjusting my picking style when playing that guitar, I gave up. Like a jerk.

Epiphone doesn’t appear to currently make a Firebird like this (though they do make a Firebird Studio that looks pretty cool). The closest thing to it is the actual Gibson Firebird V 2010, which looks very similar to my old Epiphone but with nicer inlays and cooler tuners.

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  1. Firebirds seem to be the Red-Headed Stepchild in the Gibson guitar line. On Def Leppard’s “Live: In The Round, In Your Face” DVD of their top-o’-the-time 1988 tour, Steve Clark used one on several tracks (interestingly enough, AFAIR mostly ballads) including “Too Late For Love” where he gets this *beautiful* semi-distorted tone that works wonders on NOT making them “Power Ballads” by using too much distortion and power chords. Very Lifesony & very cool!

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