NEWS: TesseracT release ‘One’ Instrumental

Progressive metallers TesseracT go back to their roots with the release of an instrumental version of their highly acclaimed debut album ‘One’. Fans from the guitar forum days, where founder Acle Kahney and TesseracT begun, have been requesting instrumentals ever since the band rose from the internet to the clubs, and they will not be disappointed!
Check out a preview here:

REVIEW: Marshall JVM410C

Dead-simple amps like the venerable 1959 Superlead ‘Plexi’ notwithstanding, Marshall has been known to explore a ‘more than meets the eye’ philosophy with its amps from time to time. The popular DSL50/DSL100 offers four channels under the guise of two, thanks Lead 1/Lead 2 and Clean/Crunch buttons. The JVM series takes this idea light years further with a multi-channel, multi-mode design with a few additional tricks up its sleeve.

On the surface, the 100 watt JVM410C combo looks like tricked-out four channel amp. Each channel (Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2) features a full layout of Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass and Volume controls, and each channel also has a dedicated digital Reverb control. The reverb is routed in parallel and mixed in with the direct signal via a tube and has been designed to avoid abrupt cut-offs when switching channels. There’s a Master section with Presence and Resonance controls as well as two switchable Master Volumes, plus an FX Loop button and a foot switch/MIDI Program button. The Standby switch doubles as a silent recording switch. The valve layout includes five 12AX7s and a quartet of EL34s for classic Marshall tone. The power stage is based on the JCM800 2203 and 1959 Superlead amps.

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News: Rose Tattoo, Beatles, LA Guns, plus part 2 of my Mastodon interview


Gibson Krist Novoselic Signature RD Bass – click the pic for more info!

Hey! Head on over to to read more of my interview with Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher. I published part on I Heart Guitar here while saving some stuff for Gibson, including talk about the guitars Bill used on Mastodon’s awesome new album, The Hunter.

Rose Tattoo (& Slash Pal) Singer Considers Political Career

Harrison’s Prolific Writing Led to Beatle Blues: McCartney

L.A. Guns Hires Dilana


Just popped a few songs up on Reverbnation

Heyhey. I was just going through my old recorded tracks and I thought I should chuck a few of them up on Reverbnation for you to check out (and buy if you like). You can hear them here.

The songs are “Hyperreality” and “Mistral.” You might have heard a version of “Hyperreality” on my YouTube page or something, but this is a slightly nicer mix and it never hurts to give people another avenue to hear yer stuff, right?

“Hyperreality” is recorded with my Ibanez UV777BK 7-string (back when it still had the original DiMarzio Blaze pickups – it down as a DiMarzio Crunch Lab/LiquiFire set), again using AmpliTube 2 but this time the Lead 2 amp model. The bass is an Ibanez TR series 5-string. I’m really attached to the solo on this one. Believe it or not, the melody is inspired by Jeff Buckley, although the song sounds like Marty Friedman or something.

“Mistral” was recorded using my Ibanez Talman (with Bigsby tremolo) in Drop D, using the THD amp model in AmpliTube 2 by IK Multimedia. It was played exclusively without a pick. If you listen close you can hear where the Bigsby knocked me out of tune and I had to punch in the rest of the song, hehe.

Hope you dig ’em!