Caparison is back, baby!



New website coming soon! Just saw the following on Bmusic:

Please be informed that Caparison Guitars finished all activity in May, 2011 due to the bankruptcy of Kyowa Shokai Co., Ltd. who was then owner of the Caparison brand.

On behalf of Kyowa, I, Itaru Kanno would like to express my most sincere apologies to all of our customers and artists who had difficulties as a result.

From this unhappy event, the guitar manufacturer, the companies concerned and I (designer) have been striving for a fresh start for Caparison Guitars.

At this time, we are pleased to announce the takeover of Caparison by the Caparison Guitar Company Ltd. Caparison Guitars is reborn and makes a fresh start with immediate effect.

Oct. 12, 2011
Itaru Kanno, Caparison Guitar Co., Ltd.