Demon Rock Off – that was awesome!

On the weekend I was one of the guest judges at the Demon Rock Off at Rockstar Bowling (along with Leah Gallin from The Sound Lab, Joe Matera, Dylan Boyes from The Fireballs and Greg Agar from Syndicate. Oh, and Satan.

I had an awesome time, I got to meet a lot of awesome people (hi Steve), witnessed some grand shredding, had a few too many drinks, had a bit of a shred myself, got interviewed (look for it on Youth Gone Wild on Channel 31 on the 28th of October) and just generally had fun. Big congratulations to the winner, Dylan Boyd, who took home a lovely Epiphone Les Paul Junior (dig that humbucker – love this model) and a bunch of other killer goodies.

Here’s the lucky (and talented) winner:

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