Mike Keneally to perform The Universe Will Provide in LA!

The exceedingly spectacular and awesome Mike Keneally recently send out the following to his mailing list (which you really should be on, okay?). Also, I see that Mike’s playing at The Baked Potato the day before I arrive in LA in January. DAMMIT! Mike, brother, I hope you’re playing a set at NAMM too. Please? Please?

US Premiere of The Universe Will Provide November 18 in LA!

Hey, all you Maroon 5 fans! What goes on?

Right now I sit, and alternatively stand, and play many Queen songs on the guitar. I scribble down my interpretation of “the middle part” of yet another insane slab of Brian May guitarchitecture. I do this for you, ladies and gentlemen, and for all kind souls who will attend our salute to Queen at the Roxy on November 9. By “our” I mean the masterminds and musical directors of this AIDS benefit event, Bear and Brendan McCreary, as well as Brendon Small, Rick Musallam, Joe Travers, Pete Griffin, myself and others who will perform a great wodge of awesome Queen tuneage for those with feet to arrive and ears to listen.

And then… and then, I plunge boldly forward into remembering how to frickin’ play the guitar parts to The Universe Will Provide in preparation for its long-belated US premiere, at REDCAT in Los Angeles on November 18. To say that I am ecstatic to have this hour-long orchestra-with-guitar instrumental suite finally being performed in the state I call home is a totally reasonable and accurate thing to say. Thank you Max Kutner at CalArts for being the spark that made this thing happen, and to Lauren Platt at CalArts as well and all others who are currently and will soon be working very hard to pull this off – this is no small undertaking and I am pretty overwhelmed with gratitude that all this energy and enthusiasm is being funneled toward the performance of my piece – I’m a lucky so-and-so.

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Lindsey Buckingham releases live DVD


Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Famer Lindsey Buckingham just may be one of the very few Americans who most changed the face of British Rock. As the male lead singer for Fleetwood Mac, this singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer took an underground blues band and helped make it into one of the most respected and best-selling bands in the universe. His voice…his intricate guitar playing…his compositional prowess, they’re all instantly recognizable.

And he’s still going strong.

On November 1, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a DVD of Lindsey Buckingham’s Songs From The Small Machine: Live In L.A., which was filmed in high-definition with DTS Surround-Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, and Dolby Digital Stereo at The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, California in April 2011.

The two-hour 19-song show will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, and as a DVD/CD set. Filled with his most beloved songs, including such Fleetwood Mac classics as “Go Your Own Way,” “Second Hand News,” “Big Love,” “Tusk,” “I’m So Afraid” and “Never Going Back Again,” blended with material from his new album Seeds We Sow (“In Our Own Time,” “Illumination,” “Stars Are Crazy,” “That’s The Way Love Goes”) the DVD and Blu-Ray also feature a Buckingham interview.

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REVIEW: Bogner Alchemist 112 40 watt combo

This is a re-publish of a review from the early days of I Heart Guitar. I still get a lot of inquiries about this amp so I thought I’d bring the review up to the front page. Enjoy!

I’ll be perfectly honest with ya, I’d been looking forward to the day when I got to test-drive a Bogner Alchemist like a kid looks forward to Christmas. Then again, I look forward to Christmas like I look forward to cranking tube amps. Anyway, the Bogner Alchemist is the first ‘relatively low-cost’ offering from the eccentric, California-based, German-raised amp genius Reinhold Bogner (if you wanna see how eccentric, go to bogneramplification.com and scroll down the news page). Bogner’s modern classic USA-built amps, such as the Ecstasy and Uberschall, are now badged as Bogner Custom Shop, with the straight Bogner name now being used for the Alchemist series, which are built in China. Straight up, let me say the build quality is very high, so don’t let that ‘Made In China’ throw ya.

The 6L6-loaded, Class AB-powered, 40-watt Alchemist is available as 1X12 and 2X12 open-back combos, and a 100 watt head with matching open-back 2X12 cabinet. I tested the 2X12 combo (and I also ran it through my closed-back Marshall 4X12 cab and an AxeTrak isolated speaker box for recording the demo video above). Channel 1, the Gold channel, has controls for gain, treble, middle, bass and volume in addition to slider switches for Clean/Crunch, Bright (treble boost) and Deep (low boost). Next are a pair of switches for channel switching and a solo boost. Channel 2 (Mercury) also has gain, treble, middle, bass and volume controls, along with switches for Punch, Bright and Mid Shift. Next there’s an effect section with delay (Ducking, Analog and Tape) and reverb (Plate, Spring, Hall). Finally, there are power and standby switches, the latter of which has selects between standby, 20 watt or 40 watt operation. The supplied footswitch selects channel, boost, delay and reverb. The effects loop is parallel, meaning that whatever effect is in the loop will be running alongside the unadorned sound. The loop has its own level control, it travels independently of the main signal for improved clarity, and it’s designed for instrument-level effects (ie: stompboxes), although the manual says rack gear can be used too if you’re careful with the levels.

[geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]Wanna buy one? Here are some Guitar Center links:
Bogner Alchemist Series 112 40W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

 Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black
 Bogner Alchemist Series Tube Guitar Amp Head Black
 Bogner Alchemist Series 40W HD and 2×12 Guitar Half Stack Standard
 Bogner Alchemist Series 212 45W 2×12 Guitar Extension Cabinet Black[/geo-out]

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