The Tea Party (the band, obnobviously) reunion sticks!

Just saw this article from the Toronto Sun wherein the magnificently talented Mr. Jeff Martin of The Tea Party says of the band’s recent reunion shows: “This is not a victory lap, that’s for sure. This is permanent.”

The band got back together recently for a few shows, with the usual caveat of “We’ll just see how it goes.” Well I guess it goes good, cos Martin said this:

“I want to take it back to where I feel the band left off at its height of creative powers. I guess that would be somewhere between (1995’s) The Edges of Twilight and (1997’s) Transmission. That was the period where we weren’t succumbing to outside pressure. It was just us, for better or worse. The thing that The Tea Party was known for, the thing fans looked to us for, was that mix of the exotic Middle Eastern influences against the hard rock. That’s what we love to do and we want to explore that again. In January, once this tour is done, I plan on going to Morocco for a couple of weeks and starting to write again.”

YES! Just fucking YES!

My latest for Guitar World: Synesthesia & The Musical Mind



Here’s my latest for GW. Check it out! It’s about synesthesia (when one sense triggers perception of another) and how to apply it to music even if you don’t naturally have it.

Oh and that guitar in the pic is my Ibanez RG550MXXRFR (Roadflare Red) with a DiMarzio neon strap. [geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]DiMarzio does a lot of cool neon stuff. ClipLock straps, instrument cable, patch cords, standard straps like mine… [/geo-out]