Mike Keneally to perform The Universe Will Provide in LA!

The exceedingly spectacular and awesome Mike Keneally recently send out the following to his mailing list (which you really should be on, okay?). Also, I see that Mike’s playing at The Baked Potato the day before I arrive in LA in January. DAMMIT! Mike, brother, I hope you’re playing a set at NAMM too. Please? Please?

US Premiere of The Universe Will Provide November 18 in LA!

Hey, all you Maroon 5 fans! What goes on?

Right now I sit, and alternatively stand, and play many Queen songs on the guitar. I scribble down my interpretation of “the middle part” of yet another insane slab of Brian May guitarchitecture. I do this for you, ladies and gentlemen, and for all kind souls who will attend our salute to Queen at the Roxy on November 9. By “our” I mean the masterminds and musical directors of this AIDS benefit event, Bear and Brendan McCreary, as well as Brendon Small, Rick Musallam, Joe Travers, Pete Griffin, myself and others who will perform a great wodge of awesome Queen tuneage for those with feet to arrive and ears to listen.

And then… and then, I plunge boldly forward into remembering how to frickin’ play the guitar parts to The Universe Will Provide in preparation for its long-belated US premiere, at REDCAT in Los Angeles on November 18. To say that I am ecstatic to have this hour-long orchestra-with-guitar instrumental suite finally being performed in the state I call home is a totally reasonable and accurate thing to say. Thank you Max Kutner at CalArts for being the spark that made this thing happen, and to Lauren Platt at CalArts as well and all others who are currently and will soon be working very hard to pull this off – this is no small undertaking and I am pretty overwhelmed with gratitude that all this energy and enthusiasm is being funneled toward the performance of my piece – I’m a lucky so-and-so.

December brings a couple of super fun events for the discerning Southern Californianite. (Sorry this is all So Cal stuff, those of you not in So Cal. We DID just finish a swipe of nine shows up and down the west coast so we are attempting to do our part. I loved the tour by the way. Thank you so much, those of you who made it out to a show or two – I think the tour was a major catalyzing force for the current quintet and gets us all fired up about doing more touring next year. No substitute for getting out there and playing for people, for sure.) What was I talking about? December! On the 13th, The Haircuts (me, Rick M. and Nick D’Virgilio!) will re-group after several years of inactivity to trade instruments around and play a bunch of our favorite cover tunes – MAJOR fun in every crucial way. This will be at The Mint on Pico. This show is a toy drive! For real! Bring a toy! Three days later I’ll be with Kofi Baker and Robbie Pagliari playing Cream tunes at Brick by Brick in San Diego. Haven’t done that for awhile, it’s always tremendous fun, unashamed jamming for many minutes on end, utterly disrespectful to the original recordings, as it should be. Fun as heck I say!

Beyond 2011, there’s a brand new Baked Potato show scheduled for January 14, 2012, plus next June 24 the Mike Keneally Band will be honored to be the second-to-last band to play the last NEARfest ever in Bethlehem, PA!

Can I direct your attention to Moosemart, now that the holidays are pretty much officially upon us? You KNOW that you know somebody who would lose their s**t if they saw the bakin’ @ the potato! DVD this blessed holiday season. Hook ’em up! And YOU! Billy in Wichita! You’ve been thinking about buying Wine And Pickles for three years now and you still haven’t done it, haven’t you? It’s OK! You can do it!

Yeah, alright, I’m a little punchy from practicing Queen songs for too long.

Back to work!

Stone cold crazy,