Premier Guitar tours Yngwie Malmsteen’s guitar rig

Check out this cool video of Yngwie Malmsteen giving Rebecca Dirks from Premier Guitar the grand tour of his guitar rig. Yngwie talks about his signature Seymour Duncan pickups, his signature Fender Stratocaster, his signature Marshall amps… and he mentions that Ovation may be releasing a signature Yngwie acoustic some time soon. Cool! Check out Premier Guitar for more info.

[geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]Wanna buy some of this sweet stuff? Here are some links!

Marshall Yngwie Malmsteen Signature YJM100 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head

Seymour Duncan STK-S10 YJM Fury Stack Bridge Pickup White

Seymour Duncan STK-S10 YJM Fury Stack Neck Pickup White

Seymour Duncan STK-S10 YJM Fury Stack Set Pickup Off White

Fender Custom Shop Custom Shop Yngwie Malmsteen Tribute Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White

Fender Artist Series Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster Electric Guitar Vintage White Maple

REVIEW: Hayden Mini MoFo

You’ve gotta love an amp with a name like the Mini MoFo. This, of course, comes from the same minds who created the Ashdown Little Bastard bass amp (which I loved when I reviewed it last year), Ashdown being the sister company of Hayden. And what a mofo this is! The Mini MoFo is a little 15 watt scrapper of a guitar amplifier which comes in its own carry bag and is very ruggedly constructed. It looks and feels like it’s ready for business.


The Mini MoFo cranks out 15 watts of Class A juice from two EL84 power valves. There’s also a trio of 12AX7s. It’s a single channel amplifier with a footswitchable MoFo mode for more gain (and the footswitch is included, so yay). There’s a Stealth switch for reducing the volume for rocking out at home, which is a very handy and much appreciated feature for a family man such as myself, but when it’s time to crank it on stage the Mini Mofo can get stupidly loud. Controls are MoFo (the aforementioned extra footswitchable gain), Gain, Middle, Bass, Treble, Presence and Master. But wait, what’s this? There are two inputs, ‘US’ and ‘UK,’ which alter the basic character of the amplifier to an astonishing degree! In fact there are four cascaded gain stages here which offer everything from classic clean to ultra metal and anything in between.


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Aussies! Win an Egnater Tweaker 88!

Hey Aussies! CMC Music is giving away an Egnater Tweaker 88! Entry details are here, but here’s the general gist, taken from the CMC site:

1. Drop into your local Egnater dealer (see below) and try a Tweaker 88

2. Get your competition code word from the store while you’re there

3. Email, subscribe to our newsletter, and include your competition code word

4. Watch our Facebook page for the winner to be announced at the end of February!

Good luck!