Grover Jackson launches new guitar company – GJ2

Legendary luthier Grover Jackson – yes, that Jackson – has formed a new company called GJ2, and the guitars look awesome. Check this out:

That’s the Arete, GJ2’s initial model. It’s available in two levels, 4-Star and 5-Star, with in-house pickups (or other brands on request), original Floyd Rose tremolo, compound radius 10″-14″ fretboard, high-access heel, neck through construction… different versions are available in basswood, mahogany and Korina. More info here.


The guitars will be made exclusively in California, and they’ll be available through an exclusive network of retailers from January.


Kudos to iGuitar for the heads-up!

REVIEW: Jackson Ampworks Britain

Jackson Ampworks was founded by Brad Jackson in 2003. All the way up until 2009 the company was a one-man operation but after that point, with demand skyrocketing, a few extra hands were brought on board. Jackson Ampworks is still a small operation, but with increased production 11 capacity to get their lustworthy boutique amps onto more stages and into more studios than was previously possible.


The Britain amplifier is now in its third incarnation. It’s been redesigned with suggestions from users of the original Britain and Britain 2.0 amps but, as the company points out, 3.0 is ’18 pounds lighter than its original predecessor, 8″ more narrow and three times more powerful!’ But the differences aren’t only in the physical dimensions and the ability to push out extra volume: the amp now features a second channel as well as a footswitchable boost circuit, series effects loops for each channel, and selectable 12 Watt Class A, 25 Watt Class A or 50 Watt Class A/B operation.


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Latest issue of iGuitar out now!

Hey! Issue 6 of iGuitar is out now. Get to a computer or internet-capable device – oh, you already are – and download it now!


Press Release – 14th December 2011
Latest iGuitar magazine features Yes’ Steve Howe

Another bumper issue of the free digital magazine iGuitar is now live. Each of the three distinct sections, Electric, Acoustic and Bass are crammed full of video interviews, guitar lessons and reviews.


The Electric Section: Lick Library’s Stuart Bull meets the Godfather of shred Michael Angelo Batio (MAB), plus a world exclusive – MAB makes his iGuitar debut as a columnist. Jamie Humphries meets Steve Howe, ‘Yes’ master guitarist and one of the most original players to emerge from the progressive rock scene and offers readers a unique lesson in Howe’s elusive style. Gary Cooper takes a look at the career of acoustic legend, the late Bert Jansch, while in the listening room John Stix listens as top players discuss their influences, and his video gem feature this month is on Jeff Beck. In addition there is a roundup of 2011’s best accessories, best guitar albums and much more.


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Oh now this is bitchen. Ever wanted to turn your guitar into a synth but couldn’t afford or figure out MIDI pickups and the like? Well if you own an iPad, you’re in luck!

For immediate release

 Yonac Software Releases SHREDDER – Synth for Guitar

Yonac creates the first professional iOS synthesizer designed for the guitar.

(Durham, NC – December 14, 2011) Yonac Software is pleased to announce the release of

SHREDDER, now available on the iTunes App Store. SHREDDER is a synthesizer/MIDI interface specially designed and developed for guitar players. It allows guitarists to play a true analog modeling synth by simply plugging in – no special pickups needed! SHEDDER’s synth engine is a powerful, fully configurable FM/Subtractive design including:

• Dual oscillators

• Three custom-designed filters

• Three dedicated envelopes

• Dual LFOs

• Many more sonic features to empower the musician!

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Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy app now available!

A few weeks ago I posted about being one of the beta testers for the new Dave Mustaine guitar app. Well now it’s here! Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy, from the makers of Rock Prodigy, is available in the app store now. It’s an awesome product which gives you a real insight into Dave’s guitar technique, using full Megadeth songs as source material, and you can then take that information and use it to either become a master of Megadeth riffage, or apply to your own compositions and style.


Check out the app here.


There’s also a contest under way to win a signed Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT guitar! Copy and paste this link to your Facebook wall to enter.



REVIEW: Egnater Tweaker-40

The Egnater Renegade is one of my favourite amps ever. It has a wide range of tweakable options and a huge variety of tones available, and despite its apparent complexity it’s actually pretty easy to use. The Tweaker series – the Tweaker, Tweaker-40 and Tweaker-88 – offers a slightly different take on the Renegade’s spirit of instant customisation, packing a fairly decent amount of tone and response-shaping controls into an efficient, toneful little amp, stripping away some of the excess of the Renegade in some places while focusing on perhaps the most useful elements.


At the heart of the Tweaker-40 – the 40 refers to the wattage – you’ll find two 6L6 power valves and three 12AX7s. (The Tweaker 88 has two KT-88 tubes and four 12AX7s instead). The controls appear simple at first glance – a pair of master volumes, a pair of gains, and Bass, Middle and Treble pots – but look a little closer and you’ll see a whole bunch of switches too. For starters, the tone stack has a three-way American/British/AC voicing switch (which shifts the tone to be progressively deeper and rounder), while each channel’s master volume is paired with a Vintage/Modern switch. Over at the gain controls you’ll find Tight and Bright voicing switches which work on the low and high ends respectively, a Mid Cut switch which revoices this crucial factor in a guitar’s tone, and a Clean/Hot switch which flips between low and high gain configurations.

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