Guthrie Govan appeals for help after gear theft

From Guthrie’s myspace:

An appeal for your help, after a recent van break-in in Rome :-(



The following isn’t exactly a fun read, but it would be hugely appreciated if y’all could have a quick look through the following: we need your help!
I’ve just finished a tour of Italy with Dave Kilminster, Seth Govan and Pete Riley. Unfortunately, someone broke into our tour van in Rome, during the afternoon of Dec 17th, and stole pretty much the entire contents.
This sucks on a number of levels: not only did the theft make it very difficult for us to play the remainder of the shows we had booked on our Italian tour, but also we’re now faced with the prospect of having to find some way of replacing a lot of equipment – both rental gear and personal stuff.
Some of the stolen gear – particularly Seth’s Warwick bass, which he’s played almost exclusively for the last 22 years or so – also has considerable sentimental value, as you can doubtless imagine.