Advertise on I Heart Guitar, get second month free!

Hey! If you buy a month-long ad on I Heart Guitar in December, you’ll get two months free, from the date of your choosing. And if you buy an ad now, that means it will be on the site while I’m at NAMM, when traffic shoots up big-time.

Rates are:

$100/month for 125X125 pixels


$200/month for 250X250 pixels


Or $500/month for a huge 900 pixel wide, 100 pixel high banner right below the I Heart Guitar banner, running the entire length of the top of the page. It won’t fit in this text section!

Ads can be geotargeted if you wish.

I Heart Guitar averages around 80,000 page views per month from tens of thousands of dedicated guitar fans, except for January when traffic jumps by about 60%.

Email me at iheartguitarblog (AT) if you’re interested.