Fashion designer Paul Smith, Vintage collaborate on acoustic guitar


Following on from the huge success of 2009’s Paul Smith and Vintage® guitars collaboration, the legendary designer is launching another limited edition compact Vintage acoustic model – exclusively for Paul Smith shops.


The guitar, which retails at a price of £195, is available in all Paul Smith shops in limited numbers now, as well as on the Paul Smith website.


Made to an impressive specification, the Vintage Paul Smith guitar features a spruce top matched to a mahogany body, a traditional tonewood combination, offering clarity and harmonic content, ideal for a smooth, rounded bass in the sound, enhanced by an articulate and defined treble. The maple neck is topped by a smooth, tight-grained rosewood fret-board, with a mahogany bridge further complementing the subtly restrained look of the instrument.


The result is an impressively concise steel strung acoustic guitar with a full-toned resonance.

Available in a rich purple finish, the guitar’s rosette is finished in the Paul Smith ‘signature stripe’, with the famous Paul Smith script signature logo nestling on the headstock.


And while this compact guitar with its ‘big guitar’ performance is perfectly suited for smaller hands, its easily-manageable, easily-stored dimensions mean that it’s also easily capable of fulfilling the role of being a versatile travel guitar for more experienced players too.


Essentially downsized full-body style acoustics, travel guitars have much to recommend them to the guitarist on the move. Of course, the main advantage is portability – especially given that as a breed, guitarists are never really happy without a guitar to hand! Much easier to stow a travel guitar in with the family luggage in the car too, or, with all the new rules regarding hand luggage on planes, to be able to stash a travel guitar in overhead luggage racks is another major advantage of the breed!


Plus, if you’re a recording guitarist, the compact dimensions of the Paul Smith guitar affords it a unique tonality, slightly higher than normal at standard pitch, which adds extra ‘wash’ to any multi-track recordings.


The Paul Smith Limited Edition guitar is supplied complete with an attractive matching black padded Paul Smith travel bag.




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