So the other day I unboxed a guitar to review for a mag. I noticed some funny overtones happening on the high E string that I couldn’t quite explain via any structural means. The neck looked straight. The nut, although a little rough-looking around the edges, didn’t seem to be interfering with the string’s vibration. The frets were good. The bridge saddle was fine. Let’s check the tuners…


Wow! Someone’s actually tied a knot in a broken string! Very clever indeed! I’m not sure where along the line this happened – at the factory, at the distributor, etc. But whoever did it is a genius and they should share their knowledge with the rest of us. I did a little digging and I found this link which explains a similar technique for tying piano wire back together.

Here’s another photo of the knot. It seems pretty stable and I think I’ll practice doing this in case it comes in handy during an emergency.