Daring Audio announces BassLoops Contest and Facebook Fan Page with Music Downloads


Daring Audio announces BassLoops Contest and Facebook Fan Page with Music Downloads

Belmont, CA, January 19, 2012 — Daring Audio announces today their new, innovative online music sharing service delivered through the “BassLoops” Facebook page. This new service showcases players’ recorded bass instrument music loops for massive distribution to promote the musicians themselves and the use of Daring Audio pedals to global audiences. BassLoops gives any Facebook fan the opportunity to listen, download and use these 16 bit audio (uncompressed) CD quality files for use in their productions, royalty free, with no signup required. Using BassLoops, artists participate by giving out a useful piece of their art in return for larger distribution, awareness and potential future music connections.

As part of this new launch, Daring Audio is sponsoring a contest called “Spreading Global Bass” now open to bass players everywhere. To enter the contest, bassists must submit their recorded bass loops, with or without a backing drum track, for posting on the BassLoops Facebook page. The winner, selected by judges on February 28th, 2012, will be given the Daring Audio pedal of his or her choice with their name or band name custom laser-engraved on the pedal. Their name will also be broadcast on all Daring Audio and social media channels and posted as the top position download on the BassLoops Facebook page for three months.

The Contest is detailed here: http://www.daringaudio.com/bassloops/ 

The Facebook fanpage is here:  http://www.facebook.com/BassLoops

BZ Lewis, Emmy award winning producer explains: “BassLoops fills a need for musicians to easily contribute their own content and get some recognition and distribution out of it, with zero effort other than playing and recording a loop at home and emailing it in.”

Marc Senasac, Sony Music Entertainment studio engineer, says “BassLoops allows home users or studio engineers anywhere the opportunity to hear and use good bass playing with or without backing beats. Musicians can make natural sounding songs from them in variety of genres from Jazz, Funk, Rock and Hip-Hop, without royalties and with some world-class musicians. It gets away from the sterile synth loops and drum machine formats. It’s also a clever way for musicians to share share content without a lot of production hassles.”

Initial contributing artists to BassLoops include: Joey Fabian, Tony Saunders, Trip Wamsley, Jonathan Moody, Per Ulfhielm fromOddgrooves.com, and Dave Ruedger from Sofajunkie, and Rigs from BigDaddySunshine.com.


About Daring Audio:
Daring Audio, Inc, launched at NAMM 2011, has reinvented bass effect pedals and established themselves as the best professional high performance bass pedals on the market.  Daring Audio bass pedals all have high-headroom preamps, two-channel signal paths, constant volume continuous blend innovation, and indestructible case construction with unique laser engraving of scientific principles on the cases. They preserve the full bandwidth original sound of your bass for live or studio applications. Daring Pedals are designed and hand-made in the California, U.S.A., and have consistently sold out in their first year production runs.