NAMM 2012: Buddy Blaze 7-strings

Buddy Blaze owns NAMM this year. Not only is he introducing the 25th Anniversary Vivian Campbell Shredder on Saturday (posted about earlier today here), he’s also introducing his first ever 7-string model. Check it out! Premium poplar body, Floyd Rose, 24 frets with incredible upper fret access, single volume knob and 3-way pickup selector, and it plays like a dream. Buddy has two prototypes on show at NAMM: a blue one with ebony fretboard and DiMarzio Crunch Lab and LiquiFire pickups, and an orange one with a maple fretboard and DiMarzio Blazes – although he has DMT Blazebucker pickups with Alnico 8 magnets available too. Dig those cool heptagonal inlays! Get to NAMM and check them out if you can. The blue one rocks my socks off. I’ll have more from the Blaze booth in the coming days including – good lord – the actual original shredder Vivian Campbell used in the 80s!

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