NAMM 2012: EverTune. Wow.

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Hands down my favourite thing at NAMM so far … okay my favourite thing is the Buddy Blaze 7-string – but my other favourite thing is the EverTune bridge. Have you heard of this? It’s still pretty new, and a lot of people don’t know exactly what it does yet. It’s not a self-tuning bridge or a ‘store alternate tunings’ bridge or anything like that. What it is is a fixed bridge which keeps your guitar in tune and well-intonated. With magic.


Wait, no, it’s not magic, it’s just physics. It’s a passive, mechanical technology which works like this, according to EverTune:


“The frequency of a resonating string has only three variables: length, mass, and tension. Again, the note a string plays only depends on three data: the length of the string, the weight of the string, and the tension of the string. Strings drift out of tune primarily because the tension changes, their mass and length are more and less constant. EverTune, holding one end of the string, will pull with constant tension, and therefore the string will stay in tune until it wants to be changed.”


What this means, too, is that you can actually adjust the tension by turning the tuning keys: once EverTune is set up properly, they don’t actually control the pitch any more. So not only will your guitar stay in tune, but you can also set it so that, say, the three wound strings are extremely tight for very in-tune chording, with none of the pitch drift associated with picking hard. Then you can set the three unwound strings for looser tension for slinky, bendy lead work or just general ease of playing. or you can do what I did: set the tension of the G string to be tight enough that you can’t bend it, but set the B string so that you can execute pedal steel-sounding bends with the higher note changing and the lower note staying constant, instead of the other way around, which is the way guitarists usually fake pedal steel sounds.


Also, think of the possibilities when doubling rhythms. The pitch will stay utterly, completely solid from take to take, with none of that awful unintentional chorus-like effect from two slightly out-of-tune takes.


Joe Satriani is so taken with EverTune that he has it on a whole bunch of guitars now and he’s been using it live with Chickenfoot. I’d love to see it make its way into a future Ibanez JS. It’s available in six and seven string models in black, chrome and gold, and for Strat-style, Tele-style and Gibson-style guitars.


Check out EverTune’s site here or visit them at NAMM at Hall C, 4227.

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  1. I had the chance to test a VGS Radioactive TD equiped with the Evertune bridge, and it exactly works as said by the Evertune maker! It is pretty impressive… You tune it once, and it remains in tune until the next strings change. Probably one of the most clever innovation in the guitar world for a while…

  2. I’ve installed a ton of these and I’m still giddy every time I finish setting one up. It’s incredible. This is true innovation.

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