NAMM 2012: Ibanez Jem Evo!

New from Ibanez this year: the 25th Anniversary Ibanez Jem Evo! It’s a replica of Steve Vai’s legendary Jem, complete with all the details: mismatched control knobs, tape on the neck pickup to stop the string getting caught under there when you pick too hard, new-looking neck compared to the smashed-up body, Edge bridge, and of course Evo’s infamous neck joint crack (cosmetic only, in this instance, I hope). This guitar comes with certificate of authenticity, special hardshell case, and a silver DiMarzio strap custom-made for this release. With an RRP of over $10,000 it’s not cheap, and with only 100 guitars being produced (all of which are already sold to dealers) they won’t be easy to find.