NAMM 2012: Schecter Robert Smith UltraCure-VI

The Cure’s Robert Smith has long been known as one of the most visible proponents of the six string bass. Or the baritone guitar. Or whatever you want to call it. Of course, back in the day Smith used a Fender Bass VI to achieve the distinctive low end warmth of certain Cure tracks, but today he gets those sweet, sweet low sounds courtesy of a Schecter signature model. Smith has been playing his regular UltraCure guitar for years. But now there’s this:

Check it out. Grover Rotormatic tuners with an improved higher 18:1 ratio gearing. Mahogany body. Maple fretboard. Seymour Duncan SJAG-1 pickups. Three-piece mahogany neck with carbon fiber rods for reinforcement. TonePros bridge system with custom brass saddles. Stars and moons inlays. 24 Jumbo frets. 30″ scale length. Want!

3 Replies to “NAMM 2012: Schecter Robert Smith UltraCure-VI”

  1. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of these for a bit. What’s the difference between the UltraCure vs. Ultra VI? I have the Ultra VI, and the headstock is different.


  2. the IV is effectively a six string bass. It’s tuned down an octave from standard guitar and is meant to mimic the sound of Robert’s Fender on the the early Cure albums. Listen to Seventeen Seconds, Faith, Pornography for the sounds and check youtube for early vid clips.

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