One thing that really, really stood out to me at NAMM this year was the prevalence of Sea Foam Green. It’s not quite blue, it’s not quite green, but it’s definitely cool this year. Hell, Steve Vai seems to like this shade so much that it features on his new signature Ibanez Jem70V Premium model and his new Carvin Legacy III amplifier. See?

Hayden had a great Sea Foam Green version of the Mini MoFo amp.

Aria had this beauty of a bass (a DMB-380).

JTR had this Marie MR10 model, which I quite like. It was designed by legendary luthier J.T. Riboloff, and there were plenty more cool designs where that came from.

The Sterling By Music Man brand by Ernie Ball is offering a nice Sea Foam Green Ray34 bass:

And Carvin also has a Sea Foam Green bass – a SB4000 which looks amazing.

But by far, my favourite Sea Foam Green item from NAMM, and in fact one of my favourite things at NAMM period, is this wall of awesome, courtesy of the Fender Custom Shop. Dig those Bigsby trems!