Mary Ford’s Gibson Les Paul on eBay

Wow, how’s this for a piece of music history? The actual 1961 Gibson Les Paul (before this shape was renamed the SG) owned and played by Mary Ford, Les Paul’s wife. This guitar was recently featured on the History Channel’s Pawn Stars program. The back of the guitar still has the remains of an old setlist taped to it. The buyer will also get Mary’s guitar strap, the original hard shell case, photos of Les and Mary, personal letters including correspondence with personal assistants, doctors, record companies etc, and even – get this a letter where Les Paul is told not to sign a contract with Gibson.
If you’d like to take home this piece of music history, the Buy It Now price is a cool $250,000.

3 Replies to “Mary Ford’s Gibson Les Paul on eBay”

  1. Slow clap. Good job putting it on TV without obviously being a commercial, gibson. Good job.

    We’re all so dumb as to fall for that and love what a legacy you are.

    Oh, forgot they also own this blog now. =/

  2. Hey, you’re quite welcome to voice your opinion as much as you like here, but Gibson most certainly doesn’t own this blog. I’m a freelance journalist by trade and is one of my many jobs. Since this is a personal blog and I can do whatever I wish with it, I choose to post pointers to my articles there, but the only owner of this site is me.

  3. The blog may be legit but for les Paul’s nephew to sell that Mary Fords guitar to a glorified pawn shop? F’n please man he should have ass kicked on principal alone have some respect. Not to mention he could have put it on eBay as easy as rick and watched the millionaire collecters go nuts. But that cheese dick undeserving aire to that beautiful instrument wanted his mug on TV.

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