REVIEW: Strymon TimeLine Delay

There are so many different delay pedals out there. Digital, analog, hybrid… some give you a huge amount of features, but are fiddly to use. Others are dead-simple but they don’t offer much flexibility. I guess the ideal for many players would be a delay that offers incredibly fine control over every parameter like a rack unit, but in an easy-to-digest pedal format.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Strymon TimeLine.

I’m not going to waste time here: the TimeLine is probably – no, scratch that: definitely – the best delay pedal I’ve ever used. I like it so much that I’m not even going to save that grand statement for the end of the review. In fact I’ll say it again. The TimeLine is the best delay pedal I’ve ever used.

So why? What is it about this pedal in particular that gets it so right? Well it’s a combination of things: ease of use, quality of sound, depth of available editable settings, flexibility in sound types. Let’s break it down and see exactly what’s going on.

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Catalinbread Octapussy hits the streets

Octave fuzz is one of my favourite effects, and if you’d seen my house you’d know that Pilgrim and I are all about psychedelic 60s and 70s design. So I feel like the Catalinbread Octapussy is practically designed for me. And check it out: that picture above was supplied by Catalinbread but that’s the same model Strat that I have. It’s a sign!


Catalinbread Octapussy hits the streets.

Dateline: March 5th, 2012 Portland, OR


If you followed the news from NAMM you may have seen this pedal unveiled. Well, Catalinbread is ready to let the cat out of the bag. The Octapussy is an octave-up fuzz in the tradition of the Octavia. But it’s not a clone of that circuit! Nope, it’s an original circuit designed by Howard Gee, utilizing 3 silicon transistors and two diodes that takes the tradition to the next level! Get yourself the ultimate octave fuzz, and launch your sound into the stratosphere.


The Octapussy was designed to be extremely responsive to your guitar and playing. Whether you’re looking for sweet, breathy, delicate octave-up melodies; epic soaring leads that bloom as you hold a bend; or massively huge grinding, industrial-strength power chords. The Octapussy has it! There’s also a slew of other sounds to be had not only in the pedal itself, but also with your playing style and guitar controls.


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