New Pickup Day: DiMarzio Area T 615

The DiMarzio Dominon isn’t my only New Pickup Day: I’ve also just installed a DiMarzio Area T 615 in my Telecaster parts guitar. The Area T 615 is a Tele bridge pickup made for modern country music. It’s hum-cancelling and it offers increased dynamic range. It’s made with an Alnico 2 magnet, has a DC resistance of 7.93 Kohm and an output mV of 200, and DiMarzio puts its general tone guide at Treble 7.5, Mid 5.5 and bass 5.5.


I’ve given it a quick spin ahead sitting down to do a full review, and so far I’m really digging how nicely it ‘sits.’ The bass isn’t too big, the highs aren’t too strident and the mids aren’t too honky. It cleans up very nicely indeed when you pick softer, and it sounds great no matter where on the neck you play.


The neck pickup in my home-assembled Tele contraption is a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder, a very dark, woolly-sounding pickup which doesn’t seem to balance very nicely with the Area T 615, although it sounds great with its matching Quarter Pounder bridge pickup.


My dad and I put this Tele together when I was about 15. For a few years it was my main guitar, and it’s been through a hell of a lot with me. I don’t play it very often any more but when I do I feel right at home, even though I’m much more commonly found playing superstrats.


More info on the DiMarzio Area T 615 here.

New Pickup Day: DiMarzio Dominions

This weekend I installed a set of DiMarzio Dominion humbuckers in my Ibanez RG550MMX. These pickups are the signature models for Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton. I spoke with Morton about these recently for the debut issue of Heavy magazine. Here’s a snippet from the article:


Morton describes the pickups as medium-output passive humbuckers with a real creamy, smooth quality to them that’s not brittle or barky at all. “It’s a real tight, silky gain structure that’s really nice, and works well in different situations,” he says. “Again going for something that’s versatile, that will crunch up really nice for a Lamb of God gig but which I can also plug in and play Cream covers with my buddies with. I don’t understand why everybody uses active pickups. I don’t. It’s like the guitar playing itself when you use actives. To my ears it should be all about subtleties and nuance and dynamics, and actives just murder all of those!”


You can read more about the Dominion bridge and neck models at the DiMarzio website. A review is coming soon, but below a little clip of me noodling on them using AmpKit on my iPad with a Line 6 Mobile In interface just after I installed them.


Help find Reb Beach’s stolen Suhrs

From Reb’s Facebook page:

Dear all,
I have some terrible news. Two of my beautiful Suhr guitars have been stolen. My first Suhr “modern” with the sunburst quilted top (Serial #8370), and the Suhr strat with the double color paint and the mirror pick guard (Serial #2653). It’s green or purple, depending on what angle you look at it from. I am so deeply upset about this.
They were stolen from my garage in Pittsburgh while I was on the road last year. If anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of either of these guitars, please contact me on my message board at, or on my facebook page ,

2nd Annual Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show


Date: Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Location: Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue (between N11 & N12)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Time: 11 AM to 5 PM



Free Admission!!!

Attention all guitar players, collectors and music fans! You are invited to attend the 2nd Annual Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show. This one-day gathering will include an assortment of vendors selling new, used, vintage and handmade guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals, guitar strings, picks, straps, cables, parts, accessories, books, videos, CDs and all sorts of other guitar-related goodies and collectibles. This is a buy, sell and trade event so visitors are encouraged to bring their gear to the show and be ready for a fun filled day of all things guitar. Mark your calendar and come on down! The show runs from 11 AM to 5 PM and ADMISSION IS FREE!!!

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