MUSIKMESSE 2012: Laney TI100 Tony Iommi signature amp

Laney has offered an official Tony Iommi amplifier since 1994, but this year they’ve announced a new tube beastie, the TI100. It’s a 100 Watts RMS head with four 6L6 valves in the output section, twin channels, footswitchable variable Pre Boost on each channel, 3 band EQ, Volume, Enhance, and Presence controls.

The Metal Lord says:

“Almost 40 years ago I embarked on my musical journey with Laney. My first signature Laney amp, the GH100TI came out almost 20 years ago and it served me faithfully on the biggest stages in the world with Black Sabbath as well as recently with Heaven & Hell. Read More …

MUSIKMESSE 2012: Marshall Joe Satriani JVM410HJS

It’s here! The long-awaited Marshall Joe Satriani amp, the JVM410HJS, was officially unveiled at Musikmesse in Germany and my buddies at Andertons have the scoop and they’re taking orders now! It’s based on Marshall’s flagship JVM series of amplifiers but it replaces the four reverb controls with four noise gates (one for each channel) – after all, Joe has plenty of cool effects such as his Vox Time Machine Delay when he wants some ambience – and they’ve changed the voicing of the channels to Joe’s personal preferences. There’s also a new Mid-Shift control to switch between a more typical JVM sound and Joe’s voicings. The amp is available in standard black, but a limited special edition (only 500 worldwide) blue half stack will be available for a short time.

Here’s some info from Marshall!

Marshall’s R&D engineers set out to work incredibly closely with Satriani, the latter having a very clear idea of how his own Marshall should sound. After various trials and experiments which even involved Satch using prototypes during recording and touring, the final version of the JVM410HJS was signed off and the wheels for UK production put in place.

At a first glance, the JVM410JS may look familiar. Taking a more detailed look (and listen) though, will make you realise just how different this amp is from its stock counterpart. So. how is the JVM41OJS different from the JVM410H-

Firstly, and probably most notable is the fact that the four reverb pots from the original JVM410 have now been replaced with noise gates; four noise gates no less, one for each channel and each with their own threshold. Another visible change to the front panel is the addition of a ‘Mid Shift’ button that can be used for both ODI and OD2 channels, shifting the mid character of the sound to that of Joe’s specification. Tone wise, the amplifier is very different: The Clean channel is based on the aforementioned 6100 when on the green mode, with the orange and red modes being hotter variations of that tone too. The crunch channel takes the original JVM410 crunch and adds some of the popular Marshall AFD’ circuit to it. and the OD channels are now both voiced identically, based on the JVM410 ODI but with the gain scaled back slightly and a smoother transition between modes. The mid shift button determines the difference m mid character between the original JVM410 ODI and OD2 tone, moving the mids from around 650khz (Mid Shift off) to around 500kliz (Mid Shift on).

The rest of the JVM41 OJS plays out in familiar territory: the amp is still powered by EL34 valves, there are two master volumes the supplied footswitch enables you to switch between channels, modes, 2 master. FX loop and now also the Noise Gates and Mid Shift too. There’s also full MIDI implementation on the unit.

Musikmesse 2012: Gibson Custom Kirk Hammett Flying V

Everyone knows Kirk Hammett used a Gibson Flying V extensively with Metallica before he started using ESPs – and he still works with ESP, releasing several cool new signature models this year – but Hammett has also returned to his roots in the form of this new Gibson Custom V, a replica of his old axe. Read More …

MUSIKMESSE 2012: Fender upgrades American Standard line

Fender has just bumped up the quality of its already awesome American Standard series, with new features including Fender Custom Shop pickups, aged plastic parts and even a new player-friendly comfort carve on the back of the American Standard Telecaster. Check out the new American Standard Stratocaster with Custom Shop Fat 50’s single coils in the pic above. Nice. Check out the American Standard guitars here and basses here.

Andertons are offering killer deals on outgoing pre-2012 American Standards, if you’d like to pick up a bargain!

MUSIKMESSE 2012: Jackson Mille Phobia, Adrian Smith models

Check out these monstrous new models from Jackson at MusikMesse. Kreator’s Mille Petrozza gets a long, long overdue signature V, the Mille Phobia King V. Part of the wallet-friendly X-Series, it’s a basswood-bodied, maple ‘speed neck’ beastie with recessed Floyd Rose Special, 24 jumbo frets, compound radius 12″-16″ radius fretboard, EMG 81 active humbucker, and custom inlays including a Kreator logo at the 12th fret.

And Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith gets a new toy, the Adrian Smith Signature SDX. Read More …