LED Sleeve for Learning Chords and Songs on the Guitar

Whoa! Check this out from MusicAlight!

“We have designed a sleeve with LED lights that wraps around the guitar neck underneath the strings. It has special cut holes to allow the standard frets to be used. LED lights are attached near each fret of the guitar. As you begin learning, the LEDs light up below the string you should hold to play the correct chord in a song. The tempo can be turned up or down to allow you to learn at the speed you want. Each song or chord can be added seamlessly through our website or directly from your computer. We have programmed a guitar tab parser that allows you to convert standard text tabs into our custom format so you can start learning your favorite songs instantly.”

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MUSIKMESSE 2012: Blackstar ID Series

Whoa! So this is what Blackstar’s been cooking up. For seven years. The same team that designed the Series One, Artisan and HT Venue lines has been quietly beavering away on a programmable line of amps featuring True Valve Power – which they say is ‘LOUD as Valve’ – six selectable classic channels (EL84, 6V6, EL34, KT66, 6L6, KT88), three band EQ with patented ISF control, Resonance and Presence controls, four modulation effects, four delays, four reverbs, 128 user storable patches.

So how’s it work?

And how’s it sound?

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MUSIKMESSE 2012: Bigsby

I’m way too much of a Bigsby fan. One of these days I’m probably going to get drunk and wind up with a big ‘ol Bigsby vibrato bridge tattooed on my back or something. This year Bigsby expert Adam Seutter is at Musikmesse to detail each step in the vibrato installation process. Guitar models to be included in the demonstrations are a Framus Earl Slick Signature and a Framus Mayfield (you might remember this model from Devin Townsend’s recent custom). Stop by Hall 4.1 booth E12 to check out the process and get your questions answered.

MUSIKMESSE 2012: Auralex SonoLite Bass Trap

SonoLite Bass Trap Absorbers Provide a Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Install Low-Frequency Sound Solution

Auralex® Acoustics, Inc., the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions, unveils its new SonoLite™ Bass Trap to the European market at Muskimesse 2012 (Hall 5.1, Stand D43).

Auralex’s new SonoLite Bass Trap is a 3″ thick, 2′ x 2′ fabric-wrapped Studiofoam®Pro core absorption panel. SonoLite Bass Traps are the perfect solution for low-frequency sound control. The core of each panel is made of Auralex’s StudiofoamPro acoustical foam; the panel is then covered in a velour fabric to add a stylish appeal to accent the decor of any room.

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Taylor Guitars Launches 2012 Road Show World Tour

My dear friends at Taylor (check out my Taylor SolidBody!) are taking their Road Show global again in 2012. This is a great chance to check out their stunning acoustic and electric guitars, get your head around their Expression System acoustic pickup, learn what distinguishes one model from another and all that fun stuff. Here’s the press release:

Taylor Guitars Launches 2012 Road Show World Tour

Back by player demand, the award-winning Taylor Guitars Road Show is returning to dealers around the globe. The fun and informative in-store event gives fans the opportunity to connect with Taylor factory staff, play exceptional one-off guitars, and meet like-minded players. The “hangout” sessions bring Taylor players the latest developments from the company, including the newest and yet-to-be-released Taylor models.

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