DBZ Guitars, LLC v. Dean Zelinsky

This publicly available court filing notice advises that DBZ Guitars, LLC has filed suit against Dean Zelinsky alleging breach of fiduciary trust.

Zelinski is one of three founders of DBZ Guitars, the others being Jeff Diamant of Diamond Amplification, and Terry Martin.

Thanks to Doc for pointing the way to the Justia page.

4 Replies to “DBZ Guitars, LLC v. Dean Zelinsky”

  1. Best guitar I’ve ever owned … not sure if this is the right website BUT … had to say … working on the new album and … recording EVERYTHING with my DBZ … Unreal … I would promote you in a heartbeat!!!!

  2. Peter,

    I’ve been following the case of DBZ guitars v Dean Zelinksy and it appears that Dean’s request to have the case dismissed has been granted in his favor due to:
    “ Having considered Defendant Dean Zelinksy’s (“Zelinky”) Motion to Dismiss (Doc.____) pursuant to Rule 12(b)(1) of the Federal Rules of Evidence and other ground (“the Motion”), any responses, replies and arguments of counsel, the Court is of the opinion the Motion should be GRANTED.

    “It is hereby ordered that the Motion is GRANTED, and the Plaintiff’s claims against Defendant Zelinsky are nearby DISMISSED.”
    From the information contained in the new condiments, Dean is still a member of DBZ. The original suit was filed according to Dean that DBZ was planning to terminate him as a partner. A surprise suit none according to Dean. Dean’s counter also provides some very interesting followup as to his take on the actions of his partners behind the scenes leading up to the current situation. it will be interesting to see what plays out going forward.


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