There are a lot of great guitarists out there who aren’t getting their dues. Players who kick all sorts of ass but aren’t the shred household names the ought to be. So it’s time we did something about it! If you know of a player who you think deserves to be heard, let me know! Email me at and we’ll spread the word!

First up we’re going to look at Aussie Jeremy Barnes. Jeremy started playing at age 15, and judging by his sheer talent I’m guessing that he was an unstoppable virtuoso by the time he was, I don’t know, about 15-and-a-quarter. He played with heavy fusion band Iksentrik, toured with Dave Gleeson and the Stilsons, played briefly in The Screaming Jets, and you tally have to check out his solo album On, which you can pick up on iTunes.

Check these videos out.