Reinhold Bogner is a tone genius (and a very dapper dresser). He’s also about eight foot tall and impossible to miss if you ever happen to walk past him at a NAMM show. His amps are highly prized, but they’re also pretty pricey (apart from the Alchemist). Now Bogner is introducing his first three pedals, based on the Uberschall and Ecstasy amps (the Ecstasy Red and Ecstasy Blue) and made in the USA. These are going to be huge. They take the basic essence of these classic amps and distill them down into foot-stompable form. I can’t think of a single person I know who won’t want one of these.

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USA projected pricing is:

Bogner Ecstasy Red Pedal $249

Bogner Ecstasy Blue Pedal $249

Bogner Uberschall Pedal $229[/geo-out]

Check out this video from AudioFanzine to see an explanation of each pedal and to hear them in action.