MUSIKMESSE 2012: The Marshall Fridge

As Marshall says, “The coolest icon in music just got cooler.” That’s right, the humble kitchen fridge just became the bombastic and kickass MARSHALL FRIDGE. Just look at this thing. LOOK AT IT!

Fill it with beer, fill it with desserts, put it on stage  so it looks like you have a super-huge amp rig. It’s kinda kitschy but I love it. My only problem will be convincing Mrs I Heart Guitar to part with our lovely Smeg in favour of this slab of awesome rock power. Of course, if I want to put one in the kitchen I’m gonna need a full double stack – a half-stack might be fine for traumatising my neighbours but for keeping a family’s worth of food cool I’m gonna need something bigger.

And, naturally, the knobs all go to eleven.