This weekend I installed a set of DiMarzio Dominion humbuckers in my Ibanez RG550MMX. These pickups are the signature models for Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton. I spoke with Morton about these recently for the debut issue of Heavy magazine. Here’s a snippet from the article:


Morton describes the pickups as medium-output passive humbuckers with a real creamy, smooth quality to them that’s not brittle or barky at all. “It’s a real tight, silky gain structure that’s really nice, and works well in different situations,” he says. “Again going for something that’s versatile, that will crunch up really nice for a Lamb of God gig but which I can also plug in and play Cream covers with my buddies with. I don’t understand why everybody uses active pickups. I don’t. It’s like the guitar playing itself when you use actives. To my ears it should be all about subtleties and nuance and dynamics, and actives just murder all of those!”


You can read more about the Dominion bridge and neck models at the DiMarzio website. A review is coming soon, but below a little clip of me noodling on them using AmpKit on my iPad with a Line 6 Mobile In interface just after I installed them.