Guitar companies tread a fine line when designing a single cutaway guitar. One certain company pretty much cornered the market with a design dating back to the early 50s, and anything you try to do will either come off as trying too hard to do something different to that instrument, or will just look like a mere copy. Washburn have attempted to find the middle ground with the WIN STD, part of their Idol series. Its outline is a little more squared off than that other instrument, and there are plenty of other cosmetic touches that make sure you know it’s a Washburn, but there are enough echoes of what came before that the guitar feels like it has a bit of that history flowing through it too.

The Washburn WIN STD features a mahogany body with a maple cap, but by its very nature it’s not a particularly thick slab of maple. In fact, the guitar itself is very thin and light, one huge point of contrast to that old design from the 50s. The set neck is also mahogany, with a rosewood fretboard carrying 22 frets. The scale length is a to-be-expected 24.75″ length, while the strings pass over a Tune-O-Matic bridge on their way to a stop tailpiece. At the other end there’s a NuBone nut and chrome die cast tuners which turn terrifically smoothly and are great at holding their tuning. The fretboard inlays are pearl ‘wings’ and the headstock inlay is borrowed from Washburn’s classic acoustic guitars. The electronics consist of a three way pickup selector switch and a volume and tone control for each pickup. Those pickups, by the way, are a pair of Duncan USM humbuckers – the Duncan being Seymour Duncan, and the USM being US Music Corp, the parent company of Washburn.

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Fat Tone Guitars gives away a Quinnamp Dirt & Ernie pedal

Fat Tone Guitars are giving away a brand new Quinnamp Dirt & Ernie overdrive boost pedal (and how about those graphics, huh? Hehe). It’s stoopidly easy to enter to win:

Go to Fat Tone’s Facebook Page
“Like” Fat Tone Guitars (If you are already a fan or already ‘Like” us, proceed to the next step)
Post a comment/upload/share on guitars or amps or effects
Wait for us to choose a winner from our Facebook Fans

Here’s the Dirt & Ernie in action.

Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face now shipping

Aah, the Fuzz Face. They look great, they sound great, they’re entertainingly unpredictable, the transistors used in the originals seemed to be different depending on the day of the week they were made on, and they sometimes just flat out stopped working if they got too hot. Eric Johnson swears by them, and with the help of Dunlop’s Jeorge Tripps he’s created his ultimate Fuzz Face.

Dunlop Proudly Presents The Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face


Dunlop® is proud to announce the release of the Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face®.

No one cares more about tone than Eric Johnson, and his choice for getting sweet, singing lead tones is the Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face.

EJ worked closely with Fuzz Face guru Jeorge Tripps to create his signature pedal. It is inspired by EJ’s prized personal Fuzz Faces and is built to his incredibly strict specifications, featuring hand-selected BC183 silicon transistors (for higher gain), custom repro ’68-’69 knobs, and a vintage-style hammertone finish. The result: a beautifully dynamic, expressive, and powerful pedal.

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