Today’s guitar gallery is Mayones. They make plenty of great production line guitars – check out the Regius Elements – PERFECT with fretted or fretless neck, Seymour Duncan pickups and GraphTech Ghost System (Piezo preamp + MIDI Hexpander), or this Legend T – but their customs are a step beyond even that, as you’ll see from their gallery here. Check out the Setius PRO 7 Slime pictured above. It has an ash top, mahogany body with open sound chambers (look close and you’ll spot ’em), cbony freeboard, custom green acrylic Slime inscription and position markers, DiMarzio Evolution (bridge) + PAF 7 (neck) pickups with Green covers, genuine Floyd Rose 7 bridge and Schaller tuners.

Or how about this Setius Dime Bomb XTrem 36? 36 frets, DiMarzio Evolution 7 humbucker (angled for 6 strings)… very cool.

And of course, Mayones gets the Misha Mansoor Seal Of Approval (seriously, guitar companies who build for Misha should be allowed to display a special insignia like companies who make stuff for the Queen) with this Setius GTM 7 Periphery. DiMarzio Crunch Lab and LiquiFire pickups, maple top, mahogany sapele back, sparkling blue metallic/gloss finish, coil tap on the push-pull volume pot. Very cool.