Whoa. Check out Misha’s new Jackson custom

Periphery’s Misha Mansoor just posted this thread on sevenstring.org about his latest Jackson Custom Shop axe. For the full story and plenty of pics, hit the link above. But here’s a snippet.

“Hey guys,

So the wonderful guys at Jackson actually made a twin of my first custom shop guitar just in case something went wrong.

Since that guitar came out great, they asked if there was anything i wanted tweaked, since they could just do it to the twin and send that to me.

The body on the first one was really thick, which led to the guitar sounding huge, but the heel was enormous on it, so i asked if they could make this body thinner and cut the heel down as well for better access, which they did. I also told them to do a blue sparkle finish, but apart from that to keep everything else EXACTLY the same.”

More pics below!