REVIEW: Sterling Ray34 bass

Ernie Ball Music Man instruments have a stellar reputation for build quality, sound and playability. But they’re also expensive, which means not everybody gets the chance to own one. Music Man knows this – hell, a lot of companies would kill for problems like “everybody wants to play our instrument” – so they’ve authorised Sterling By Music Man, a separate line of instruments licensed by Ernie Ball Music Man and built overseas by Praxis Musical.

The Ray34 bass is based on the classic Music Man StingRay bass, which was introduced in 1976. It’s built using the same materials and components and the same basic design. The spec sheet says the body is made of Lightweight Ash, but to be perfectly honest, the particular example on review was pretty heavy. Not uncomfortably so, but it was noticeable.

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New Fender Pawn Shop models

I love the concept of Fender’s Pawn Shop models. They’re guitars that in theory could have existed in the past and turned up in a pawn shop somewhere, but didn’t. They all feature unique design twists that are sometimes subtle and sometimes wildly unpredictable. Check out these latest designs – click the model names for more info.

Pawn Shop Jaguarillo

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