Slash’s ‘Apocalyptic Love’ out now!

Slash’s new album Apocalyptic Love is out now and it’s a cracker. Not as prettied-up as his last one, and with only one vocalist this time (the wildly talented Myles Kennedy). Here’s the first single, “You’re A Lie.”

And for those of us here int he Antipodes, here’s a press release about Slash’s Australian tour. Great to see him playing arenas!


Recent Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductee and one of the greatest exponents of the electric guitar, SLASH, returns this August for an unmissable tour in support of his new album ‘Apocalyptic Love’.

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REVIEW: TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX

Vocal effects and harmonies can really add to the professionalism of a live performance, but they’re hard to implement, especially for the singing guitarist. It’s difficult to get harmonies happening between band members sometimes: bad monitor mix, one or more vocalists having an off night – and that’s before you start to think about how this will all sound to the audience. Well just like on one of those infomercials that show someone struggling with some particularly mundane and cumbersome housework chore, TC-Helicon has taken the idea of the singing guitarist and simplified it so even a so-so singer like myself can make listenable music with it.

VoiceLive Play GTX is a multi-effects unit dedicated the singing guitarist, whether they play electric or acoustic guitar, solo or in a band or duo. It features professional-level TC-Helicon effects, including state-of-the-art harmony processing. And let’s not forget that TC-Helicon is associated with TC Electronic, one of the finest guitar effect makers in the business and the company behind legendary units like Stereo Chorus Flanger, TC 2290 Digital Delay and G-System. So Play GTX is also overflowing with guitar effects and amp simulations. It features more than 200 presets which include both a vocal and a guitar component, many of which are inspired by popular songs (with subtle and not-so-subtle preset names to hint at what songs they’re based on). And every preset can be enhanced with the dedicated HIT button, which adds additional vocal effects as you need them. For instance, if you only need a harmony in the chorus, or if you need a megaphone effect for three words in a verse, you can add those effects to your existing sound via the HIT button without having to dial in an entirely new preset. And you can store selected presets as ‘favorites’ to make setup easy.

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Paul Gilbert Australian Master Class tour

Paul Gilbert is coming to Oz for a master class tour! Paul is a great instructor (as you’ll soon see if you check out his ArtistWorks course) and he’s full of advice for players of every level.

More info over at Thump Music, but here are the essentials:

Dates & Times

1. Brisbane – Monday 8th of October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
2. Sydney – Wednesday 10th of October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
3. Melbourne – Thursday 11th October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
4. Hobart – Saturday 13th October 2012 – 10am till 12.45pm – Book now
5. Adelaide – Monday 15th October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
6. Perth – Wednesday 17th October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now

Standard ticket pricing is $80 per person. However for Thump’s loyal clinic attendants they are opening up an early bird price of $69.00 per person. A Thump Music Show Bag will be supplied to all pre-paying customers, with over $50.00 worth of goodies, which judging from the pic below includes the Pickmaster Plectrum Cutter (which I review here) and Australian Guitar magazine (which I write for).

Check out the guest post Paul wrote for I Heart Guitar in 2009.

Learn to rock with Paul Gilbert & ArtistWorks!

Can’t make it to Paul Gilbert’s Australian Master Class tour? Or maybe you can, but you want a little extra instruction? Howzabout this?


Students of All Ages and Ability Levels to Watch, Question, Respond, and Learn With Legendary Mr. Big/Racer X/G3Guitarist

(May 23, 2012: Los Angeles) ArtistWorks, the first collaborative global learning community comprised of master artists and ambitious amateurs, announces the May 23rd launch of the online, interactive Rock Guitar School with Paul Gilbert. Most noted as a member acclaimed Heavy Metal band Racer X, platinum-selling Hard Rock band Mr. Big and a recent member of the G3 guitar super tour, “guitar deity” Paul Gilbert’s distinctive playing has influenced and inspired an entire generation of guitar players across the globe. Gilbert’s new Rock Guitar School will feature a complete course of beginner-to-advanced guitar lessons – ranging from classic riffs and guitar licks to Paul’s signature blazing arpeggios and string skipping.

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New Steve Vai song – “Gravity Storm”

Check it out! Here’s your first taste of a completed track from Steve Vai’s forthcoming album, The Story Of Light. Preorder it from his site! According to Noisecreep, 12-song, mostly-instrumental The Story Of Light continues the conceptual and narrative arc that began with Real Illusions: Reflections in 2005.

Vai will begin a tour of North America on August 15 in Fort Lauderdale Florida. His band will include Dave Weiner (guitar), Jeremy Colson (drums), Philip Bynoe (bass), and Deborah Hensen (harp, vocals, keyboards).