Majik Box announces Munky signature distortion pedal


Majik Box signs pact with Korn’s Munky for the signature Krush distortion pedal.

May 2, 2012 – Torrance, CA – Majik Box, the developer of the Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe and Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel pedals have signed a pact with Munky, guitarist of the iconic metal band Korn to market the Majik Box Krush distortion, a pedal that will produce Munky’s signature distortion tones.  The Krush Distortion will begin shipping  this week.

The idea came to Majik Box founders Rob Nishida and David Simpson, when they were in the sound development phase of the company’s first metal oriented distortion pedal.  The two had decided early on that they did not want to develop another typical “metal” pedal already being marketed other pedal makers.  “We wanted to make something for drop tuned and 7-string guitar players that was bigger and more organic sounding than what was already out there,” says Simpson.

In August of 2011, during their search for unique tones for this pedal, Nishida received a call from longtime friend James “Munky” Shaffer out of the blue.   The conversation eventually turned to the subject of the still unnamed distortion pedal that Majik Box was working on.  Munky and Nishida made plans to meet several weeks later so that he could get Munky’s thoughts on the pedal.

Munky loved the work that Simpson and Nishida had done so far on the pedal, but made several key suggestions to improve the basic distortion tone.  Among them was a suggestion that involved altering the EQ of the low end to retain the clarity necessary for 7 and 8 string guitars.  He also made another critical suggestion that would significantly alter the DNA of the pedal.  Says Nishida, “Munky said that it would be cool if pedal was not only able to produce the quintessential Korn guitar tone out of nearly any amp, but that it could also produce a second sound that he uses often in the studio, but always had difficulty reproducing live.  Munky’s idea was for the pedal to have the ability produce a “lo-fi” tone that he uses on intros and breakdowns of many Korn songs.”

After several rounds of prototype testing, by December, all parties agreed that the pedal was everything that they’d hoped that it would be.  Not only did it provide the huge signature Korn distortion tone when plugged into anything from a 10 watt combo to a 100 watt stack, the pedal also had the ability to produce the small and “starved” sounding lo-fi tone that Munky had asked for.   At that point, it was obvious that the pedal would be Munky’s signature pedal, and the Krush Distortion was born.   For further information please visit: