Rising West: 4/5 of Queensryche form new band

There have been rumours of dyschord within Queensryche for a while, with reports that the rest of the band aren’t so comfortable with some of the creative decisions of Geoff Tate (the Cabaret tours, cruise ship gigs, Dedicated To Chaos, etc). So it’s no big surprise that four of the band’s members – guitarists Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren, drummer Scott Rockenfield and bass player Eddie Jackson – have decided to form another band while Tate works on his next solo album. What is a surprise is that the singer they’ve chosen is Todd La Torre of Crimson Glory, who is capable of perhaps the most spot-on Geoff Tate impersonation I’ve ever heard.


The new band is called Rising West, and they’ll play their first shows on Friday June 8 and Saturday June 9 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. They’ll perform rare and classic hits from the first five Queensryche albums (that’s up to and including Empire), and they’ll start recording an album in a few months.

As a Tate fan I’m bummed out that it came to this, but if his heart isn’t in the heavier, rockier stuff any more then it’s not fair to the rest of the band. Michael Wilton in particular seems to be really under-used on every album after Tribe, so it’ll be great to hear him cutting loose again with Rockenfield and Jackson.