Here’s a great video of Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars talking about the future of ebony wood in the guitar industry, and Taylor’s efforts to support legal, sustainable ebony in Cameroon. When I visited Taylor in January I saw some absolutely stunning pieces of ebony with streaks of different colours in them, pieces of wood which another company might throw out but which Taylor sees the value and beauty in. Heck, my own SolidBody has a very slightly lighter section in the grain on the fretboard which I think looks beautiful.

Below are some shots I took at the Taylor factory of some of their more unique ebony supplies – the type of B-grade wood which Taylor refers to in the video. I especially love the third one, which looks like the cloud bands on Jupiter to me, complete with the huge storm! I envy everyone who has ended up with one of these pieces on their guitars.

It’s stuff like this that makes me proud to play a Taylor guitar.